Release Notes
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This release provides Ranger 0.7.0 and the following Apache patches:

  • RANGER-1436: Disable, by default, deny policies with ranger.servicedef.enableDenyAndExceptionsInPolicies config parameter.

  • RANGER-1436: Turn Ranger Deny Policy & Except Conditions block to On by default .

  • RANGER-1475: reducing the highest time stamp value to pick all the users syncd during sync cycle.

  • RANGER-1490: Increase size of sort_order column of x_policy_resource_map.

  • RANGER-1531: Good coding practice while parsing XML documents in Ranger.

  • RANGER-1546: Code Improvement To Follow Best Practices.

  • RANGER-1548: Ranger needs better error messages when Ambari Infra is off.

  • RANGER-1550: HDFS test connection and resource lookup failing.

  • RANGER-1612: When servicedef is accessed, def_options property "enableDenyAndExceptionsInPolicies" is returned as "false" if there is no value set for it.

HDP 2.6.0 provided Ranger 0.7.0 and the following Apache patches:

  • RANGER-1378: Update MySQL Schema to fix issues related to only_full_group_by restriction of MySQL 5.7 version..

  • RANGER-1383: Use resource matchers for filtering service policies.

  • RANGER-1392: Hive test connection is failing even if jdbc.url configured is correct to 2.6-maint.

  • RANGER-1392: Revert "RANGER-1392: Hive test connection is failing even if jdbc.url configured is correct to 2.6-maint".

  • RANGER-1401: Add consolidated db schema script for SQLServer DB flavor.

  • RANGER-1405: groups are not shown if exact user name is passed in search filter.

  • RANGER-1406: Audit spoolfile not getting created when ranger service user didn't have permission to log into Solr.

  • RANGER-1407: Service update transaction log is not generated in some cases.

  • RANGER-1409: User role get deleted from table when he tries to update his role to a restricted role.

  • RANGER-1413: Fix issues uncovered by static code analysis.

  • RANGER-1413: Good coding practice in Ranger recommended by static code analysis.

  • RANGER-1417: Ranger Upgrade is failing for Oracle DB flavor.

  • RANGER-1422: Ranger Knox Plugin audit doesn't have the access type populated.

  • RANGER-1428: In certain scenario user data contains junk email-id.

  • RANGER-1434: Enable Group Search First causes issues when Enable Group Sync is disabled - 2.6-maint branch.

  • RANGER-1435: Allow different files to be specified for unix based usersync - 2.6-maint.

  • RANGER-1435: fixed minor issue of resource filenames from previous commit.

  • RANGER-1440: Improve install script to retry failing statements.

  • RANGER-1448: Change of import / export icons on Ranger UI.

  • RANGER-1453: Ranger KMS failed to start with Exception] : More than one Master Key exists.

  • RANGER-1459: Ranger update policy API is failing on Postgres / Oracle for case sensitive ACLs.

  • RANGER-1477: 'show databases' fails with access-denied when user doesn't have access to some of the databases.