Release Notes
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This release provides Falcon 0.10.0 with no additional Apache patches.

HDP 2.6.0 provided Falcon 0.10.0 and the following Apache patches:

  • FALCON-1944: Ability to provide additional DistCP options.

  • FALCON-2066: Extend support for Import and Export of various database types.

  • FALCON-2072: Hive2 URLs in Falcon should allow additional configuration elements in the URL.

  • FALCON-2082: Add CSRF filter for REST APIs.

  • FALCON-2083: Handle connector specific direct mode and verbose options for Database Import and Export.

  • FALCON-2093: Database import and export to support TD connector.

  • FALCON-2095: Hive Replication jobs are failing with UnknownHostException in NN HA.

  • FALCON-2117: Implement X-Frame-Options header for Falcon UI.

  • FALCON-2118: Proposal for new UI changes for FALCON.

  • FALCON-2273: Disallow external entity injection and clean up some log messages.

  • FALCON-2280: Unable to create mirror on WASB target.

  • FALCON-2281: HiveDRTest tests are getting permissions denied.