Command Line Installation
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Starting, Stopping, and Restarting Livy

Before you start, stop, or restart Livy, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Switch user to livy:

    su livy
  2. Livy runs by default on port 8998. Verify that host:8998 is available. You can use lsof to verify the port's availability:

    lsof -i 8998
    COMMAND    PID    USER   FD     TYPE                 DEVICE SIZE/OFF NODE NAME
    java       16358  sam    130u   0x47d85f2c7104d1cd   0t1    TCP *:8998 (LISTEN)

Follow this step to start the Livy server:

/usr/hdp/<hdp_version>/livy/bin/livy-server start

To verify that the Livy server is running, access the Livy menu in a browser window; for example:


Follow this step to stop the Livy server:

/usr/hdp/<hdp_version>/livy/bin/livy-server stop

There is no specific command to restart Livy. To restart Livy, you must first stop Livy, and then start it again.