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Configuring the Timeline Server URL and Resource Manager UI URL

The Tez UI attempts to connect to Timeline Server using the same host as the Tez UI, by default. This means that, if the UI is hosted on localhost, the Timeline Server URL is assumed to be http(s)://localhost:8188 and the Resource manager web url is assumed to be http(s)://localhost:8088.

If the Timeline Server or Resource manager is hosted on a different host, the Tez UI requires that the corresponding changes are configured in scripts/configs.js (within the extracted tez-ui.war). To do this, uncomment the following lines and set the hostname and port appropriately. timelineBaseUrl maps to YARN Timeline Server and RMWebUrl maps to YARN ResourceManager.

// timelineBaseUrl: 'http://localhost:8188',
// RMWebUrl: 'http://localhost:8088',