Issues Fixed in Cloudera Data Science Workbench 1.10.1

The current release of Cloudera Data Science Workbench includes fixes for bugs.

    • AMPs displayed a warning message even though engine:15 was present. For AMPs, the UI showed a warning message even though engine:14 or engine:15 was present as the supported engine for the AMP.

      Cloudera Bug: 19086

    • External email setting for Jobs cleared after Job paused and resumed.

      Cloudera Bug: DSE-18987

    • Workers could not be scheduled because the pod quota limit persisted and consumed resources.

      Cloudera Bug: DSE-18479

    • APIv2 Python: Job update problems

      Cloudera Bug: DSE-18782

    • Enable Spark switch should not be disabled when Scala runtime is selected

      Cloudera Bug: DSE-19309

    • API v2 does not launch kinit

      Cloudera Bug: DSE-20114

    • Model Metrics config is not propagated properly to some of the services

      Cloudera Bug: DSE-19188

    • The project list page is slow

      Cloudera Bug: DSE-20577

    • SAML request is not signed

      Cloudera Bug: DSE-20666

    • Create a new project with Git doesn't support [git@domain:port] format

      Cloudera Bug: DSE-5193

    • GPU Resource Usage is not displayed correctly

      Cloudera Bug: DSE-21058

    • Round model count percentages in Monitoring page

      Cloudera Bug: DSE-18425

    • SRVC_CIDR_NETWORK and POD_CIDR_NETWORK cannot be customized, causing CDSW not to start if they change

      Cloudera Bug: DSE-19453

    • Job email attachments include full path, causing confusing filenames

      Cloudera Bug: DSE-19046

    • Zip files sent as job attachments are corrupt.

      Cloudera Bug: DSE-20455

    • Sending job reports email to recipients in CDSW 1.10 is inconsistent

      Cloudera Bug: DSE-20085

    • Missing bridge-utils during CDSW 1.10 deployment on RHEL 8.2

      Cloudera Bug: DSE-20163