Merge feature

You can perform actions on an Iceberg table based on the results of a join with a v2 Iceberg table.

Hive syntax

MERGE INTO <target table> AS T USING <source expression/table> AS S
ON <boolean expression1>
WHEN MATCHED [AND <boolean expression2>] THEN UPDATE SET <set clause list>
WHEN MATCHED [AND <boolean expression3>] THEN DELETE
WHEN NOT MATCHED [AND <boolean expression4>] THEN INSERT VALUES <value list>

Hive example

Use the MERGE INTO statement to update an Iceberg table based on a staging table:

MERGE INTO customer USING (SELECT * FROM new_customer_stage) sub ON = 
    WHEN MATCHED THEN UPDATE SET name =, state = sub.new_state 

Create an Iceberg table and merge it with a non-Iceberg table.

create external table target_ice(a int, b string, c int) partitioned by spec (bucket(16, a), truncate(3, b)) stored by iceberg stored as orc tblproperties ('format-version'='2');
create table source(a int, b string, c int);


merge into target_ice as t using source src ON t.a = src.a
when matched and t.a > 100 THEN DELETE
when matched then update set b = 'Merged', c = t.c + 10
when not matched then insert values (src.a, src.b, src.c);