Known issues for MiNiFi C++ agent

Summary of known issues for this release.

Known issues in this release include:
  • EFM fails to parse the agent manifest if the nifi.c2.agent.heartbeat.period is specified using the "time period" format (for example: "30 sec"). The result is missing metadata and manifest updates, which significantly diminish the management capabilities with EFM.

    Workaround: If you use MiNiFi with EFM, change the nifi.c2.agent.heartbeat.period property to an integer in milliseconds. For example use 30000 for 30 seconds, or 5000 for 5 seconds.

  • If a C2 flow update is used to publish a non-empty flow, and it is followed by a C2 property update with agent restart, without a process/service restart between the flow update and the property update, then the MiNiFi process crashes. If used with the windows service manager or kubernetes, then those service managers automatically restart the agent after a crash. State is persisted as usual, so no data is lost, unless volatile repositories are in use.

    Workaround: None

  • Duplicate processor names in flow definitions cause publishing to be acknowledged incorrectly leading to an endless publish loop.

    Workaround: If the exact versions of MiNiFi C++ agents are needed, the issue can be mitigated by using unique processor names in the flow definitions. If that can not be avoided, reach out to Cloudera for a hotfix.