Running a simple Flink application

In this example, you will use the Stateless Monitoring Application from the Flink Tutorials to build your Flink project, submit a Flink job and monitor your Flink application using the Flink Dashboard in an unsecured environment.

  • Download the CSA artifacts.
  • Install Flink as a service to your cluster.
  • Set up the HDFS home directory.
  • Set up the Java home environment.
  1. Clone the simple tutorial from git:
    git clone
  2. Access the simple tutorial folder:
    cd flink-tutorials/flink-simple-tutorial
  3. Build your Flink project using maven:
    mvn clean package
  4. Upload the Flink project to your cluster.
    scp <location>/flink-stateful-tutorial-1.2-SNAPSHOT.jar
  5. Run the Flink application:
    flink run -d -p 2 -ynm HeapMonitor target/flink-simple-tutorial-1.2-SNAPSHOT.jar
  6. Go to Cloudera Manager.
  7. Click Cluster > Flink.
  8. Click Flink Dashboard.
  9. Click Task Manager on the left side menu.
  10. Monitor your Flink application under logs.