What's New from Navigator Optimizer

EDW Migration Page

This release introduces a new workload analysis page specifically designed to streamline migrations from traditional EDW databases to either Impala or Hive on CDH:

EDW Migration Page

1 Actions menu that enables you to make changes to your uploaded workload.
2 Dashboard that displays statistics for the uploaded workload.
3 Target menu enables you to choose the platform where you want to migrate your workload. The Bucket menu enables you to switch between a graph (4) that shows the effort estimation or the compatibility estimation of all queries in the workload.
5 Lists of risk alerts, categorized into High or Medium effort. A list of queries displays on the right when you click an alert. If you click a Query ID, you can view the query in the adjacent pane (6).
7 The Effort Estimation & Scripts pane shows your real migration effort: the number of Unique Queries. These are the number of queries in your workload that have unique structure in contrast to the number of Duplicate Queries displayed above in the workload summary statistics (2). Duplicate Queries share the same structure, but reference different literals, so they represent the same migration issues. On the other hand, Unique Queries represent queries with unique migration issues. This number represents the actual number of queries you must analyze.
8 Click Back to classic to return to the Navigator Optimizer Dashboard.

Navigate to this page by selecting the Migration icon in the Dashboard menu:

For more information, see Getting Started: Evaluating and Starting an EDW Offload Project and the following video:

Streamlining EDW Optimization

After you start the video, click YouTube in the lower right corner of the player window to watch it on YouTube where you can resize it for clearer viewing.

Known Issues in this Release

This release contains the following known issues:

Capacity Limitations for Downloadable Scripts Available on the EDW Migration Page
The scripts that are available to download from the Effort Estimation & Scripts pane of the page have the following capacity limitations:
Script Limitation
DDL Scripts 1,500 tables
Sqoop Script 1,500 tables
Revised Queries 10,000 queries
Impala SQL and HiveQL function names cannot be processed on anonymized (encrypted) workload files
Anonymizer encrypts Impala SQL and HiveQL function names so the Navigator Optimizer analytic processor cannot recognize them. Consequently, Navigator Optimizer cannot include the effects of functions in its analysis of Impala and Hive workloads that are anonymized.