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1.4. Linking to Service UIs

The HDFS Links and HBase Links widgets list HDP components for which links to more metrics information, such as thread stacks, logs and native component UIs are available. For example, you can link to NameNode, Secondary NameNode, and DataNode components for HDFS, using the links shown in the following example:

Choose the More drop-down to select from the list of links available for each service. The Ambari Dashboard includes additional links to metrics for the following services:

Links to More Metrics for HDP Services





NameNode UI

Links to the NameNode UI.

NameNode Logs

Links to the NameNode logs.

NameNode JMX

Links to the NameNode JMX servlet.

Thread Stacks

Links to the NameNode thread stack traces.


HBase Master UI

Links to the HBase Master UI.

HBase Logs

Links to the HBase logs.

ZooKeeper Info

Links to ZooKeeper information.

HBase Master JMX

Links to the HBase Master JMX servlet.

Debug Dump

Links to debug information.

Thread Stacks

Links to the HBase Master thread stack traces.