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4. Performing Host-Level Actions

Use Actions to act on one, or multiple hosts in your cluster. Actions performed on multiple hosts are also known as bulk operations.

Actions comprises three menus that list the following option types:

  • Hosts - lists selected, filtered or all hosts options, based on your selections made using Hosts home and Filters.

  • Objects - lists component objects that match your host selection criteria.

  • Operations - lists all operations available for the component objects you selected.

For example, to restart DataNodes on one host:

  1. In Hosts, select a host running at least one DataNode.

  2. In Actions, choose Selected Hosts > DataNodes > Restart, as shown in the following image.

  3. Choose OK to confirm starting the selected operation.

  4. Optionally, use Monitoring Background Operations to follow, diagnose or troubleshoot the restart operation.