Advanced Cluster Options
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Cloudbreak allows you to create and run scripts (called "recipes") that perform specific tasks on your cluster nodes. Refer to this section if you would like to create and use recipes.

Although Cloudbreak lets you provision clusters in the cloud based on custom Ambari blueprints, Cloudbreak provisioning options don’t consider all possible use cases. For that reason, recipes (custom scripts) can be used. A recipe is a script that runs on all nodes of a selected node group at a specific time. You can use recipes for tasks such as installing additional software or performing advanced cluster configuration. For example, you can use a recipe to put a JAR file on the Hadoop classpath.

Available recipe execution times are:

  • Before Ambari server start
  • After Ambari server start
  • After cluster installation
  • Before cluster termination

You can upload your recipes to Cloudbreak via the UI or CLI. Then, when creating a cluster, you can optionally attach one or more “recipes” and they will be executed on a specific host group at a specified time.