Advanced Cluster Options
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Upload blueprints

Once you have your blueprint ready, upload it to Cloudbreak and then select it during cluster creation.

Upload blueprints from the web UI

Follow these steps to upload a blueprint from the Cloudbreak web UI.


  1. In the Cloudbreak UI, select Blueprints from the navigation pane.
  2. To add your own blueprint, click Create Blueprint and enter the following parameters:
    Parameter Value
    Name Enter a name for your blueprint.
    Description (Optional) Enter a description for your blueprint.
    Blueprint Source Select one of:
    • Text: Paste blueprint in JSON format.
    • File: Upload a file that contains the blueprint.
    • URL: Specify the URL for your blueprint.
  3. To use the uploaded blueprints, select it when creating a cluster. The option is available on the General Configuration page. First select the Platform Version and then select your chosen blueprint under Cluster Type:

Upload blueprint from the CLI

To upload a custom blueprint from the CLI, use the cb blueprint create command. To use the uploaded blueprints, generate a valid JSON template and then create a cluster with cb cluster create.