Advanced Cluster Options
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External authentication source

When using an external authentication (LDAP/AD) source for your cluster, the following variables can be specified in your blueprint for replacement:

Variable Description Example
ldap.connectionURL the URL of the LDAP (host:port) ldap://
ldap.bindDn The root Distinguished Name to search in the directory for users CN=Administrator,CN=Users,DC=ad,DC=hdc,DC=com
ldap.bindPassword The root Distinguished Name password Password1234!
ldap.directoryType The directory of type LDAP or ACTIVE_DIRECTORY
ldap.userSearchBase User search base CN=Users,DC=ad,DC=hdc,DC=com
ldap.userNameAttribute Username attribute cn
ldap.userObjectClass Object class for users person
ldap.groupSearchBase Group search base OU=Groups,DC=ad,DC=hdc,DC=com
ldap.groupNameAttribute Group attribute cb
ldap.groupObjectClass Group object class group
ldap.groupMemberAttribute Attribute for membership member
ldap.domain Your domain