Advanced Cluster Options
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Creating dynamic blueprints

Cloudbreak allows you to create dynamic blueprints, which include templating.

The values of the variables specified in the blueprint are dynamically replaced in the cluster creation phase, picking up the parameter values that you provided in the Cloudbreak UI or CLI. Cloudbreak supports mustache kind of templating with "{{{ }}}" syntax.

Production cluster configurations typically include certain configuration parameters, such as those related to external database (for Hive, Ranger, etc) and LDAP/AD, forcing you to create multiple versions of the same blueprint to handle different component configurations for these external systems. Dynamic blueprints solve this problem by offering the ability to manage external sources (such as RDBMS and LDAP/AD) outside of your blueprint. They merely use the blueprint as a template and Cloudbreak injects the actual configurations into your blueprint. This simplifies the reuse of cluster configurations for external sources (RDBMS and LDAP/AD) and simplifies the blueprints themselves.


You cannot use functions in the blueprint file; only variable injection is supported.