Advanced Cluster Options
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Custom images

In addition to providing default images, Cloudbreak allows you to create custom base images. Refer to this section if you would like to create custom images for Cloudbreak-managed clusters.

Default images are available for each supported cloud provider and region. The following table lists the default base images available:

Cloud provider Default image
AWS Amazon Linux 2017
Azure CentOS 7
GCP CentOS 7
OpenStack CentOS 7

Since these default images may not fit the requirements of some users (for example when user requirements include custom OS hardening, custom libraries, custom tooling, and so on) Cloudbreak allows you to use your own custom base images.

In order to use your own custom base images you must:

  1. Build your custom image(s).
  2. Prepare the custom image catalog JSON file and save it in a location accessible to the Cloudbreak VM.
  3. Register your custom image catalog with Cloudbreak.
  4. Select a custom image when creating a cluster.

Only base images can be created and registered as custom images. Do not create or register prewarmed images as custom images.