Advanced Cluster Options
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Preparing the blueprint for LDAP/AD

In order to use LDAP/AD for your cluster, you must provide a suitable cluster blueprint.

The blueprint must fulfill the following requirements:

  • The blueprint must include one or more of the following supported components: Atlas, Hadoop, Hive LLAP, Ranger Admin, Ranger UserSync.
  • The blueprint should not include any LDAP properties. Before injecting the properties, Cloudbreak checks if LDAP related properties already exist in the blueprint. If they exist, they are not injected.

During cluster creation the following properties will be injected in the blueprint:

  • ldap.connectionURL
  • ldap.domain
  • ldap.bindDn
  • ldap.bindPassword
  • ldap.userSearchBase
  • ldap.userObjectClass
  • ldap.userNameAttribute
  • ldap.groupSearchBase
  • ldap.groupObjectClass
  • ldap.groupNameAttribute
  • ldap.groupMemberAttribute
  • ldap.directoryType
  • ldap.directoryTypeShort

Their values will be the values that you provided to Cloudbreak: