Advanced Cluster Options
Also available as:

External authentication source for clusters

Cloudbreak allows you to register an existing LDAP/AD instance as an external source and use it for multiple clusters. Refer to this section if you would like to use LDAP for Cloudbreak-managed clusters.

You must create the LDAP/AD prior to registering it with Cloudbreak. Once you have it ready, the general steps are:

  1. Prepare a cluster blueprint as described in the instructions for preparing a blueprint for LDAP/AD.
  2. Register an existing LDAP in the Cloudbreak web UI or CLI.

Once registered, the LDAP will now show up in the list of available authentication sources when creating a cluster under advanced External Sources > Configure Authentication. Create a cluster by using the blueprint and by attaching the authentication source. Cloudbreak automatically injects the LDAP property variables into the blueprint.