Advanced Cluster Options
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Custom hostnames based on DNS on AWS

By default, when Cloudbreak provisions cloud provider resources, your cloud provider assigns hostnames for your cluster nodes. Optionally, instead of using default hostnames, you can configure Cloudbreak to use custom hostnames based on DNS. To do that, follow the steps for configuring reverse Domain Name System (DNS) described below.

When the cluster node machines are provisioned, they try to make a reverse DNS lookup (by querying of the DNS to determine the domain name associated with a specific IP address); if the reverse DNS lookup returns a valid value, then that value is set as hostname. This is why reverse DNS setup is required for using custom hostnames.

On AWS you have the following two options:

  • Use Route53 as DNS provider.
  • Set up your own DNS server in your VPC

Both options require you to have an existing VPC and attach a custom DHCP options set to it.


The instructions provided in this section describe how to perform the steps in Amazon web consoles, but the steps can also be performed (and automated) in the AWS CLI.