1. Install the HBase RPMs


  1. You must have at least core Hadoop on your system. See Configure the Remote Repositories for more information.

  2. Verify the HDP repositories are available:

    yum list hbase

    The output should list at least one HBase package similar to the following:

    hbase.noarch <version>

    If yum responds with "Error: No matching package to list" as shown below, yum cannot locate a matching RPM. This can happen if the repository hosting the HDP RPMs is unavailable, or has been disabled. Follow the instructions at Configure the Remote Repositories to configure either a public or private repository before proceeding.

    Error: No matching package to list.


In a terminal window, type:

  • For RHEL/CentOS/Oracle Linux

    yum install hbase

  • For SLES

    zypper install hbase

  • For Ubuntu

    apt-get install hbase

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