3.1. HDP-Utility script

You can also use the HDP utility script to fine-tune memory configuration settings based on node hardware specifications.

Copy the configuration files.

  • On all Hive hosts create the Hive configuration directory:

    rm -r $HIVE_CONF_DIR ; mkdir -p $HIVE_CONF_DIR;

  • Copy all the configuration files to the $HIVE_CONF_DIR directory.

  • Set appropriate permissions:

    chown -R $HIVE_USER:$HADOOP_GROUP $HIVE_CONF_DIR/../ ; chmod -R 755 $HIVE_CONF_DIR/../ ;


    • $HIVE_CONF_DIR is the directory to store the Hive configuration files. For example, /etc/hive/conf.

    • $HIVE_USER is the user owning the Hive services. For example, hive.

    • $HADOOP_GROUP is a common group shared by services. For example, hadoop.

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