2.4.6. hive-site.xml

Hive Metastore supports Kerberos authentication for Thrift clients only. HiveServer does not support Kerberos authentication for any clients.

To the hive-site.xml file on every host in your cluster, add the following information:


Table 27.10. hive-site.xml Property Settings

Property Name

Property Value




If true, the Metastore Thrift interface will be secured with SASL and clients must authenticate with Kerberos.



The keytab for the Metastore Thrift service principal.



The service principal for the Metastore Thrift server. If _HOST is used as the hostname portion, it will be replaced with the actual hostname of the running instance.


Table,Database,Type, FieldSchema,Order

Comma-separated Metastore object types that should be pinned in the cache.

Following is the XML for these entries:

     <description>If true, the metastore thrift interface will be secured with SASL. 
     Clients must authenticate with Kerberos.</description> 
     <description>The path to the Kerberos Keytab file containing the
     metastore thrift server's service principal.
     <description>The service principal for the metastore thrift server. The
     special string _HOST will be replaced automatically with the correct 
     <description>List of comma separated metastore object types that should be pinned in
     the cache

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