7. Validate Falcon

To validate Falcon, submit your entities to Falcon:

  1. Submit your cluster entity. For example, to submit $sampleClusterFile.xml:

    falcon entity -type cluster -submit -file $yourClusterFile.xml

  2. Submit your dataset or feed entity. For example to sumbit $sampleFeedFile.xml:

    falcon entity -type feed -submit -file $yourFeedFile.xml

  3. Submit your process entity. For example, $sampleProcessFile.xml:

    falcon entity -type process -submit -file $yourProcessFile.xml

    For each entity, you should see the following success message for sumbit:

    falcon/default/Submit successful ($entity type) $yourEntityFile

    For example, for a process entity named rawEmailIngestProcess, you would see a successful message such as:

    falcon/default/Submit successful (process) rawEmailIngestProcess 

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