5. Set Up HDFS User and Prepare WebHCat Directories

  1. Set up the WebHCat user.

    Login as $WEBHCAT_USER
    hdfs fs -mkdir /user/$WEBHCAT_USER
    hdfs fs -mkdir /apps/webhcat
  2. Prepare WebHCat directories on HDFS.

    hdfs dfs -copyFromLocal /usr/share/HDP-webhcat/pig.tar.gz /apps/webhcat/ 
    hdfs dfs -copyFromLocal /usr/share/HDP-webhcat/hive.tar.gz /apps/webhcat/ 
    hdfs dfs -copyFromLocal /usr/hdp/current/hadoop-mapreduce/hadoop-streaming*.jar /
  3. Set appropriate permissions for the HDFS user and the webhcat directory.

    hdfs fs -chown -R $WEBHCAT_USER:users /apps/webhcat 
    hdfs fs -chmod -R 755 /apps/webhcat


    • $WEBHCAT_USER is the user owning the WebHCat services. For example, hcat.

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