2. Install the Tez RPM

On all client/gateway nodes:

  1. Install the Tez RPMs on all client/gateway nodes:

    • For RHEL/CentOS/Oracle Linux:

      yum install tez
    • For SLES:

      zypper install tez
    • For Ubuntu or Debian:

      apt-get install tez
  2. Execute the following commands from any one of the cluster client nodes to upload the Tez tarball into HDFS:

    su $HDFS_USER
    hdfs dfs -mkdir -p /hdp/apps/<hdp_version>/tez/
    hdfs dfs -put /usr/hdp/<hdp_version>/tez/lib/tez.tar.gz /hdp/apps/<hdp_version>/tez/
    hdfs dfs -chown -R hdfs:hadoop /hdp
    hdfs dfs -chmod -R 555 /hdp/apps/<hdp_version>/tez
    hdfs dfs -chmod -R 444 /hdp/apps/<hdp_version>/tez/tez.tar.gz


    $HDFS_USER is the user that owns the HDFS service. For example, hdfs. <hdp_version> is the current HDP version, such as

  3. Execute the following command to verify that the files were copied in Step 2:

    su $HDFS_USER
    hdfs dfs -ls /hdp/apps/<hdp_version>/tez

    This command returns a message similar to the following:

    Found 1 items
    -r--r--r-- 3 hdfs hadoop 36518223 2015-02-12 15:35 /hdp/apps/

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