Chapter 5. Initiating Rollback

Rollback is the ability to revert to the original state of the HDP cluster before a rolling upgrade was started.

A rollback operation reverts your cluster to the original binaries, metadata, and user data. Rollback removes any new metadata and user data that is generated after the upgrade process begins.

The rollback operation requires several prerequisite steps, listed earlier in the Rolling Upgrade Guide. These steps include:

  • Backing up component metadata for HDFS, HBase, Hive, Oozie, and Ranger

  • Using the -rollingUpgrade option when preparing a rollback image for HDFS, and when restarting upgraded HDFS NameNodes

Rollback requires all services in the cluster to be shut down and restarted. It is not a rolling process.

For assistance with a rollback operation, contact Hortonworks support.

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