1. Downgrade clients on cluster components

At this stage, the following components have been upgraded and need to be downgraded:

  • Clients such as Flume, Sqoop, Pig, Tez, Phoenix, and Mahout

  • Slider

  • Components outside of the cluster: Hue, Kafka, Storm

  • Knox

  • Non-core cluster components: Falcon, Oozie, Hive

  • Core slave nodes: DataNodes, NodeManager, RegionServer

  • Core masters: HDFS, YARN, HBase

  • Ranger

  • Zookeeper

Clients do not supply services, so you can simply switch the client software back to the earlier version, in no specific order. Downgrade clients on all nodes where they exist, on edge/gateway nodes or on cluster nodes where they coexist with other services.

Here are sample commands:

hdp-select set hadoop-client

hdp-select set hbase-client

hdp-select set phoenix-client

hdp-select set mahout-client

hdp-select set sqoop-client (If the Sqoop metastore server is running, stop it before downgrading.)

The following subsections list additional instructions for Flume, followed by validation information.

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