6. Upgrade Knox

There is service disruption when upgrading Knox. Upgrading Knox requires bringing Knox down completely, upgrading, and starting up again.

  1. For each Knox server, stop the server, switch to the new version, and start the server:

    su -l knox "/usr/hdp/ stop"

    hdp-select set knox-server

    su -l knox "/usr/hdp/ start"

  2. Validate the installation:

    1. Check /var/log/knox/gateway.log for errors or successful start.

    2. Validate cluster access through a WebHDFS API such as LISTSTATUS:

      curl -ivk -u {user}:{password}


    3. If the Knox admin service is deployed to the gateway instance, the version API should indicate the new version of the Knox code:

      curl -ivk -u {adminuser}:{adminpassword}


If the upgrade process fails, follow the steps in Downgrading the Cluster, starting with "Downgrade Knox." Otherwise, continue with the next upgrade step.

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