7.4. Upgrade Hue

Hue does not support rolling upgrade, and it does not use versioned packaging. Hue should be upgraded to correspond with the appropriate version of the stack.

  1. Shut down Hue:

    /etc/init.d/hue stop

  2. If you are using the embedded SQLite database, perform a backup of the database before you upgrade Hue:

    su $HUE_USER

    mkdir ~/hue_backup

    cd /var/lib/hue

    sqlite3 desktop.db .dump > ~/hue_backup/desktop.bak


  3. Upgrade the software. Hue uses old-style RPMs, not versioned RPMs:

    yum upgrade hue hue-common hue-server hue-beeswax hue-hcatalog hue-pig hue-oozie

  4. If you are using the embedded SQLite database, restore your database after upgrading. To restore the database from a backup copy, make sure the destination database is empty before copying. If necessary, rename or remove the current destination database. Then copy your backup to the destination database. For example:

    su $HUE_USER
    cd /var/lib/hue
    mv desktop.db desktop.db.old
    sqlite3 desktop.db < ~/hue_backup/desktop.bak
    /usr/lib/hue/build/env/bin/hue syncd​b
  5. Restart Hue. As root user, run the following command:

    /etc/init.d/hue start

To validate the upgrade process, restart Hue and make sure that you can browse from the Hue UI (http://hue.server:8000/).

If the upgrade process fails, follow the steps in Downgrading the Cluster, starting with "Downgrade components outside of the cluster."

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