2. Downgrade Slider

At this stage, the following components have been upgraded and need to be downgraded:

  • Slider

  • Components outside of the cluster: Hue, Kafka, Storm

  • Knox

  • Non-core cluster components: Falcon, Oozie, Hive

  • Core slave nodes: DataNodes, NodeManager, RegionServer

  • Core masters: HDFS, YARN, HBase

  • Ranger

  • Zookeeper

To downgrade Slider, just uninstall the version to be removed. Use the Slider version command to verify that Slider was downgraded:

./slider version

During the downgrade process, existing Slider applications will continue to run, using the version of the libraries they were launched with. We recommend that you retain the newer version of Slider until applications finish that were started with the newer version.

Continue with the next downgrade step.

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