Ranger Ambari Installation
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Pre-creating Ranger DB Users with the DBA Setup Script

You can set up Ranger users using a Hortonworks custom database script. The purpose of this script is to set up database (DB) users in environments where there is a separate database administrator managing the databases, and you do not want to provide database admininstrator credentials to Ranger for creating the database users.

To pre-create Ranger DB users using the dba_script.py script:

  1. Download the Ranger rpm using the yum install command.

    yum install ranger-admin
  2. You should see one file named dba_script.py in the /usr/hdp/current/ranger-admin directory.

  3. Execute the script by running the following command:

    python dba_script.py
  4. Pass all values required in the argument. These should include db flavor, JDBC jar, db host, db name, db user, and other parameters.


    If you would prefer not to pass runtime arguments, then simply update the install.properties file and then run the python dba_script.py -q. If you specify -q in a given argument, then the script will read all required information from the install.properties file


If DB users are pre-created using the dba_script.py as described above, you must clear the Setup DB and DB user check box under “Advanced ranger-env” before proceeding with the installation.