Ranger Ambari Installation
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Use the following steps to enable the Ranger Kafka plugin.

  1. Select Kafka from the Services tab in the top menu.

  2. Click the Configs tab, then scroll down and click to open Advanced ranger-kafka-plugin-properties. Select the Enable Ranger for KAFKA check box.

  3. To save the configuration, click the green Save button on the black menu bar at the top of the page.

  4. A Save Configuration pop-up appears. Type in a note describing the changes you just made, then click Save.

  5. Click OK on the Save Configuration Changes pop-up.

  6. A Restart Required message will be displayed at the top of the page. Click Restart, then select Restart All Affected to restart the Kafka service and load the new configuration.

  7. Click Confirm Restart All on the confirmation pop-up to confirm the Kafka restart.

  8. After Kafka has been restarted, the Ranger plugin for Kafka will be enabled.