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Save an Ambari Database Asset to Use Within the WFM Instance

One way you can save an action node configuration is as an asset in an asset database. This allows you to reuse and share the configuration with multiple users within a single instance of Workflow Manager (WFM) in Ambari. For example, you can share assets among users in a department, who are all using a single instance of WFM.

About This Task

You cannot save an asset with a name that is already being used. Each asset must have a unique name.


  1. Click on the node in the graph that you want to save as an asset.

  2. Click Save Asset to Local Ambari Database in the Action Bar.

  3. Enter a Name and Description, and then click Save.

    The asset name must be unique for each Workflow Manager instance.


    Since assets can be shared, providing a clear name and description can help users choose the correct asset quickly.

The asset is now available to be imported into any workflow created within the specific WFM instance. You can manage the asset from the Manage Assets dialog box.

More Information

the section called “Import an Asset from the Ambari Database Linked to a Single WFM Instance”