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Import an Existing Workflow

You can import workflows created external to Workflow Manager, or save and import to another WFM View instance any workflows you create within WFM. You can import workflows from within HDFS or from a local file system.


If you are importing a workflow that was created external to Workflow Manager, ensure that the workflow definition is valid. Workflows created in Workflow Manager are validated, but there is no validation for externally-created workflows. Therefore, Workflow Manager does not provide an error message for an invalid external workflow, nor will an invalid workflow display in the workspace.


If you import an existing workflow XML file, any comments in the file will be lost.


  1. Click Create > Workflow.

    A new workspace displays with a basic workflow graph.

  2. Click the workspace Workflow menu and do one of the following.

    • Import from the Hadoop file system:

      1. Click Import from Shared File System.

      2. Navigate to the directory that contains the workflow definition file that you want, click on the directory name, and expand the directory.

      3. Verify that a workflow.xml definition file exists in the directory.


        Do not click on the file name. The import action must be performed at the directory level.

      4. Verify that the directory you want is displayed in the Selected Path field.

      5. Click Select.

    • Import from your local file system:

      1. Click Import from Local FS.

      2. Navigate to the local directory that contains the workflow.xml definition file that you want and open the file.

    The workflow graph displays in the workspace.


    If the workflow definition is invalid, it does not display in the workspace, and no error message is provided.

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