Workflow Management
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Monitor the Workflow Job


  1. Verify that the job is running:

    1. Click Dashboard in the Workflow Manager Action Bar.

    2. From the Job Type List, select Workflows to display in the jobs table.

    3. In the Dashboard, verify that the job you submitted, ETL workflow, is visible in the jobs table with a Status of Running.

      You can locate the job by name or by job ID.

    4. Click the (Refresh) icon to ensure you are viewing the latest status information.

  2. View the related workflow logs.

    1. In the WFM dashboard, click the workflow name, ETL workflow.

    2. In the job details, click the Log tab to view the Oozie job log.

  3. View the output of the YARN job.

    1. Click the Action tab.

    2. In the Job URL column, click the icon for one of the actions, such as sqoop-extract.

      The Map-Reduce YARN logs display.

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