Workflow Management
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Workflow Parameters

From the Workflow Parameters dialog box, you can define a common set of variables at a global level, that you can reference from action nodes in the workflow. The parameters are entered as a key/value pair.

You can set workflow parameters within most action node configurations or you can set them from the Settings menu so they are applied to all workflows. Settings in the action node dialog box override the global settings.

To create global parameters, you must enter a name (key), but a value is optional. However, if the value is not set at the global level, it must be entered at the node level.

Table 8.6. Workflow Configuration Parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionAdditional InformationExample
Name and ValueThe name/value pair can be used instead of a job.xml file or can override parameters set in the job.xml file.

Used to specify formal parameters. If the name and value are specified, the user can override the values from the Submit dialog box. Can be parameterized (templatized) using EL expressions.

See the Apache documentation for more information.