Workflow Management
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Submit Dialog Parameters

The Submit tab opens a dialog box that allows you to submit a workflow, a coordinator, or a bundle definition as a job. Once submitted, a job displays in the Workflow Manager dashboard.

Table 7.46. Submit Dialog, Configuration Parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionAdditional InformationExample
Workflow PathThe HDFS location in which the workflow definition is stored. /user/ambari-qa/ooziewfs/sqoop/workflow.xml
OverwriteWhen selected, if a file with the same name exists in the path, it is overwritten on submit.If a file of the same name exists in the path and is not overwritten, you must change the file name or you get an error. 
Run on SubmitWhen selected, the job will run when it is submitted.If not selected, a submitted job displays in the WFM dashboard with status Prep, and the job must be started manually. 
Use system lib pathWhen selected, allows WFM (Oozie) to use the libraries in the sharelib path.Refer to HDFS Share Libraries for Workflow Applications for more information. 
Rerun on FailureWhen selected, allows WFM to automatically rerun failed jobs.This sets in the configuration submitted to Oozie. 
Job PropertiesDisplays the actual names of the resource manager and name node being used for the job. 

ResourceManager example:

NameNode example: hdfs://

Custom Job PropertiesProvides key/value pair properties that are sent to Oozie when the job is submitted.Allows you to override or supplement job property values set in a job.xml or in the Configuration section of the Action Settings dialog. For example, if a coordinator contains a workflow path with a variable (/user/${user}/workflow.xml), rather than an absolute path, WFM would not be able to determine the variable to be passed. In this case, you could provide the variable as a custom property.

Name: oozie.action.sharelib.for.sqoop

Value: sqoop,hive,hcatalog


Name: ${user}

Value: hive