Configuring Fault Tolerance
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Spreading Queue Failover Load

Set configuration parameters to maintain an even distribution of replication activity over the servers in the cluster.

When replication is active, a subset of RegionServers in the source cluster is responsible for shipping edits to the sink. This responsibility must be failed over like all other RegionServer functions if a process or node crashes. The following configuration settings are recommended for maintaining an even distribution of replication activity over the remaining live servers in the source cluster:

  • Set replication.source.maxretriesmultiplier to 300.
  • Set replication.source.sleepforretries to 1 (1 second). This value, combined with the value of replication.source.maxretriesmultiplier, causes the retry cycle to last about 5 minutes.
  • Set replication.sleep.before.failover to 30000 (30 seconds) in the source cluster site configuration.