Configuring Fault Tolerance
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Create snapshots on a directory

You can create snapshots on a specified directory and protect your important data.

You must have enabled snapshot creation.
Only a user with either of the following privileges can perform this task:
  • The owner privilege to the directory on which to create the snapshots
  • The superuser privilege
Run the hdfs dfs command with the -createSnapshot option and specify the path to the directory on which you want to create snapshots.
The following example shows how you can create a snapshot snap1 on the directory /data/dir1:
hdfs dfs -createSnapshot /data/dir1 snap1
If snapshot creation is successfully enabled on the specified directory, a confirmation message appears.
Created snapshot /data/dir1/.snapshot/snap2
You can also run the command without mentioning the snapshot name. In such a situation, the new snapshot has the time stamp of creation as its name. See the following example:
Created snapshot /data/dir1/.snapshot/s20180412-065533.159