Configuring Fault Tolerance
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Set Configuration Parameters for HiveServer2 Rolling Upgrade

Set the Zookeeper Quorum Configuration parameters before performing rolling upgrade for HiveServer2.

  1. Set hive.zookeeper.quorum to the ZooKeeper ensemble (a comma separated list of ZooKeeper server host:ports running at the cluster)
  2. Customize hive.zookeeper.session.timeout so that it closes the connection between the HiveServer2’s client and ZooKeeper if a heartbeat is not received within the timeout period.
  3. Set to true
  4. Set hive.server2.zookeeper.namespace to the value that you want to use as the root namespace on ZooKeeper. The default value is hiveserver2.
  5. The adminstrator should ensure that the ZooKeeper service is running on the cluster, and that each HiveServer2 instance gets a unique host:port combination to bind to upon startup.