Configuring Fault Tolerance
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Configure Oozie Failover

Set up the database and configure Oozie on two or more servers and start the Oozie servers.

  1. Set up your database for High Availability. (For details, see the documentation for your Oozie database.)

    Oozie database configuration properties may need special configuration. (For details, see the JDBC driver documentation for your database.)

  2. Configure Oozie identically on two or more servers.
  3. Set the OOZIE_HTTP_HOSTNAME variable in to the Load Balancer or Virtual IP address.
  4. Start all Oozie servers.
  5. Use either a Virtual IP Address or Load Balancer to direct traffic to Oozie servers.
  6. Access Oozie via the Virtual IP or Load Balancer address.