Migrating data
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Hive import command options

A number Sqoop command options facilitate importing data into Hive.

Table 1. Sqoop Command Options for Importing Data into Hive
Sqoop Command Option Description
--hive-home <directory> Overrides $HIVE_HOME.
--hive-import Imports tables into Hive using Hive's default delimiters if none are explicitly set.
--hive-overwrite Overwrites existing data in the Hive table.
--create-hive-table Creates a hive table during the operation. If this option is set and the Hive table already exists, the job will fail. Set to false by default.
--hive-table <table_name> Specifies the table name to use when importing data into Hive.
--hive-drop-import-delims Drops the delimiters \n, \r, and \01 from string fields when importing data into Hive.
--hive-delims-replacement Replaces the delimiters \n, \r, and \01 from strings fields with a user-defined string when importing data into Hive.
--hive-partition-key Specifies the name of the Hive field on which a sharded database is partitioned.
--hive-partition-value <value> A string value that specifies the partition key for data imported into Hive.
--map-column-hive <map> Overrides the default mapping from SQL type to Hive type for configured columns.