Fixed issues

Summary of fixed issues for this release.

Fixed issues in this release include:
  • Manifest change detection was added, earlier change in manifest on agent side was not reflected in EFM.

  • Flow re-validation during import added.

  • Unassigned agent class is now available for all users not just for the ones that have permissions on it.

  • Logging specific parameters (for example, roll configuration and size) can be controlled through application properties.

  • Source/Destination processor name inconsistency corrected between NiFi Registry enabled and NiFi Registry disabled setup.

  • EFM cluster configuration using hostname reliability issues addressed.

  • Unused and conflicting transitive dependencies were removed.

  • Removed incomplete COAP implementation from the code base.

  • Get AgentManifest Permission issue corrected.

  • Many additional small improvements and stability fixes.