Frequently Asked Questions

This page answers frequently asked questions about Cloudera Director.

General Questions

How can I reduce the time required for cluster deployment?

You can reduce cluster deployment time by using an Amazon Machine Image (AMI). For information on creating an AMI, see Creating a Cloudera Manager and CDH AMI.

How can I find a list of available AMIs?

Perform the following steps to generate a list of RHEL 64-bit images:
  1. Install the AWS CLI.
    $ sudo pip install awscli
  2. Configure the AWS CLI.
    $ aws configure

    Follow the prompts. Choose any output format. The following example command defines table as the format.

  3. Run the following query:
    aws ec2 describe-images \
      --output table \
      --query 'Images[*].[VirtualizationType,Name,ImageId]' \
      --owners 309956199498 \
      --filters \
        Name=root-device-type,Values=ebs \
        Name=image-type,Values=machine \
        Name=is-public,Values=true \
        Name=hypervisor,Values=xen \

    AWS returns a table of available images in the region you configured.