Cloudera Director Glossary

availability zone

A distinct location in the region that is insulated from failures in other availability zones. For a list of regions and availability zones, see Regions and Availability Zones in the AWS documentation.

Cloudera Director

An application for deploying and managing CDH clusters using configuration template files.

Cloudera Manager

An end-to-end management application for CDH clusters. Cloudera Manager enables administrators to easily and effectively provision, monitor, and manage Hadoop clusters and CDH installations.


A set of computers that contains an HDFS file system and other CDH components.

cluster launcher

An instance that launches a cluster using Cloudera Director and the configuration file.

configuration file

A template file used by Cloudera Director that you modify to launch a CDH cluster.


See cluster. Additionally, deployment refers to the process of launching a cluster.


The region, account credentials, and other information used to deploy clusters in a cloud infrastructure provider.

ephemeral cluster

A short lived cluster that launches, processes a set of data, and terminates. Ephemeral clusters are ideal for periodic jobs.


One virtual server running in a cloud environment, such as AWS.

instance group

A specification that includes general instance settings (such as the instance type and role settings), which you can use to launch instances without specifying settings for each individual instance.

instance type

A specification that defines the memory, CPU, storage capacity, and hourly cost for an instance.


The combination of your AWS access key ID and secret access key used to sign AWS requests.

long-lived cluster

A cluster that remains running and available.


A company that offers a cloud infrastructure which includes computing, storage, and platform services. Providers include AWS, Rackspace, and HP Public Cloud.


A distinct geographical AWS data center location. Each region contains at least two availability zones. For a list of regions and availability zones, see


Metadata (name/value pairs) that you can define and assign to instances. Tags make is easier to find instances using environment management tools. For example, AWS provides the AWS Management Console.


A template file that contains settings that you use to launch clusters.