Displaying the Metadata of a Table

Steps for displaying a table's metadata that could be causing a query to run slowly.

Describes how to display the metadata of table used in your query, such as the table's file size distribution that could be causing your query statement to run slowly.
  1. In a supported browser, log in to Workload XM.
  2. In the Search field of the Clusters page, enter the name of the cluster whose workloads you want to analyze.
  3. From the navigation panel under Data Warehouse, select Summary.
  4. In the Queries page, select the query of interest and then select the HDFS Tables Scanned tab.
    For example, the Duration column shows that the query took over six hours to run and the HDFS Tables Scanned section displays the metadata for the tables that were scanned.

  5. To display the file size distribution details for a table, click the Table name .