Ambari Upgrade Guide
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To perform a rolling upgrade, your cluster must meet the following prerequisites. If you do not meet these upgrade prerequisites, you can consider a Manual Upgrade HDP 2.2 to 2.3 of the cluster.


Current HDP Version Must be running HDP 2.2 or later to perform a rolling upgrade. The rolling upgrade capability is not available for clusters running HDP 2.0 or 2.1.
Target HDP Version All hosts must have the target version installed. See the Register Version and Install Version sections for more information.
Ambari Agent Heartbeats All Ambari Agents must be heartbeating to Ambari Server. Any hosts that are not heartbeating must be in Maintenance Mode.
Host Maintenance Mode Any hosts in Maintenance Mode must not be hosting any Service master components.
Service Maintenance Mode No Services can be in Maintenance Mode.
Services Started All Services must be started and the Service Check must pass.


NameNode HA NameNode HA must be enabled and working properly. See the Ambari User's Guide for more information, Configuring NameNode High Availability.
NameNode Truncate

In 2.2 there is a config dfs.allow.truncate, This config is set to true if truncate is enabled. If it is not set or is false, truncate is disabled.

In 2.3 onwards this config is not needed, truncate is always enabled.

Client Retry HDFS client retry should be dfs.client.retry.policy.enabled


ResourceManager HA YARN ResourceManager HA should be enabled to prevent a disruption in service during the upgrade. See the Ambari User's Guide for more information on Configuring ResourceManager High Availability.
Start Preserving Recovery YARN start preserving recovery should be enabled. Check the Services > YARN > Configs > Advanced YARN-site property yarn.timeline-service.recovery.enabled .
Work Preserving Restart YARN Work Preserving Restart must be configured. In Services > YARN > Configs > Advanced > Fault Tolerance, set Enable Work Preserving Restart to True.

MapReduce 2

MapReduce Distributed Cache MapReduce should reference Hadoop libraries from the distributed cache in HDFS. Refer to the YARN Resource Management guide for more information.
State Preserving Recovery JobHistory state preserving recovery should be enabled.
Wire Encryption If encrypted shuffle has been enabled, the ssl-client.xml file must be copied to /etc/hadoop/conf/secure on each node in the cluster.


Tez Distributed Cache Tez should reference Hadoop libraries from the distributed cache in HDFS.


Multiple Hive Metastore Multiple Hive Metastore instances are recommended for Rolling Upgrade. This ensures that there is at least one Hive Metastore running during the upgrade process.
Hive Dynamic Service Discovery HiveServer2 dynamic service discovery is recommended for Rolling Upgrade.
HiveServer2 Port During the upgrade, Ambari will switch the HiveServer2 port from 10000 to 10010 (or 10011 if using HTTP transport mode).
Hive Client Retry Hive client retry properties must be configured. Review the Services > Hive > Configs configuration and confirm hive.metastore.failure.retries and hive.metastore.client.connect.retry.delay are specified.


Oozie Client Retry Oozie client retry properties must be configured. Review the Services > Oozie > Configs > oozie-env configuration and confirm "export OOZIE_CLIENT_OPTS="${OOZIE_CLIENT_OPTS} -Doozie.connection.retry.count=<number of retries>" is specified.