Ambari Upgrade Guide
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Rolling Maintenance Upgrade

Use this procedure to perform a rolling upgrade from one HDP maintenance release to another. If your cluster is running HDP 2.2 or HDP 2.3, you can perform an upgrade to a later maintenance release of that HDP version. For example: you can upgrade from HDP 2.2.x to HDP 2.2.y OR from HDP 2.3.x to HDP 2.3.y. You are strongly encouraged to read completely through this entire document before starting the upgrade process, so that you understand the interdependencies and order of the steps. It is highly recommended you validate these steps in a test environment to adjust and account for any special configurations for your cluster.

The high-level process for performing a Rolling HDP Maintenance upgrade is as follows:


If you do not meet the rolling maintenance upgrade Prerequisites , you can consider a Manual Maintenance Upgrade of the cluster.


If you need to upgrade between minor HDP stack releases (such as HDP 2.2 to HDP 2.3), refer the the sections around Minor Upgrades (Rolling or Manual).