Upgrade Cloudbreak

To upgrade Cloudbreak to the newest version, perform the following steps.

We recommend that you back up Cloudbreak databases before upgrading. Refer to Back up Cloudbreak database.


  1. On the VM where Cloudbreak is running, navigate to the directory where your Profile file is located:

    cd /var/lib/cloudbreak-deployment/

  2. To ensure that the cbd is running, restart Cloudbreak by using cbd restart or if the deployment is stopped start it by using cbd start

  3. Update Cloudbreak deployer:

    cbd update

  4. Stop all of the running Cloudbreak components:

    cbd kill

  5. Update the docker-compose.yml file with new Docker containers needed for the cbd:

    cbd regenerate

  6. If there are no other Cloudbreak instances that still use old Cloudbreak versions, remove the obsolete containers:

    cbd util cleanup

  7. Check the health and version of the updated cbd:

    cbd doctor

  8. Start the new version of the cbd:

    cbd start

    Cloudbreak needs to download updated docker images for the new version, so this step may take a while.