Create a bundle for support case troubleshooting

Cloudbreak includes the cbd create-bundle command that allows you to export Cloudbreak logs into a bundle. When filing a support case ticket, you should attach the bundle to the support case ticket.


  1. Access the Cloudbreak VM via SSH.

  2. Navigate to your Cloudbreak deployment directory, typically /var/lib/cloudbreak-deployment/:

    cd /var/lib/cloudbreak-deployment/

  3. Run the following command:

    cbd create-bundle

    This generates a file called cbd_export_timestamp.tar.gz.
    Optionally you can customize the file name by specifying its name:

    cbd create-bundle my-bundle-name

    The command collects all Cloudbreak logs and configurations (such as Cloudbreak configurations, firewall and iptables configurations, os type, and open ports). After collection, all data is anonymized and compressed into a tar.gz archive. During the bundle creation process temporary folders are created and then removed.

  4. After the process finished, you can find the bundle in the location where you issued the command. Copy the bundle onto your machine, for example by using the secure copy command (scp).

  5. When filing a support case ticket, attach the bundle to the ticket.